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Anonymous said:
 do you write smut?

that depends..


Anonymous said:
 Would you write Camren(Lauren/Camila from Fifth Harmony) fanfics? I was just wondering.

i’m not gonna say no…..but i’m probably not the best person to do it considering (i hate to admit this) I actually know like nothing about them heh…

Anonymous said:
 More more more

patience patience patience :p x

 You really really should submit to fakingitfanfiction (just cuz i think more people should read you): But we have boobs now, Caught two fingered, I don't want as foodgasm, Jealous much?, She saw I'm boobs. All your fics are great but there are gold! Haha You are an amazing writer 💕

Ugh you’re so sweet!! It really does mean so much to me when people comment on my writing :) I might submit a couple of them tomorrow thank yooou :) :) and actually I just had a massive giggle at some of the titles I’ve given them….I literally forgot how hysterical some of them were omggg im so amused with myself help x


I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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straight boys dress like randomised sims

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Anonymous said:
 can you please post the link of all your faking it stories??

there ya go! [x] happy reading :) 

gheygaigay said:
 yeah, im a bit addicted to reading. which is why I agree with that other person, you should definitely start writing multichapter fics!

Oh maaannnn I have no idea how well that would go, and I would hate to accidentally abandon it for like three years so idk :3 if someone gives me a reaaallly good prompt for a multi chapter then I will definitely consider it though :) XX

 There's a blog here on tumblr, called fakingitfanfiction. You should totally submit some of your fics. You're an amazing writer!!!

oooh yeah i’ve seen that blog! I’m so flattered you actually think my stuff is  worthy of submitting omg, but like I have such a giant library of karmy fics now I wouldn’t even know what ones are even good enough to send in…. xo